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Dealer Auto Financing

At Bay Shore Finance, we can look at financing any Dealership with a license in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.  Over the years we have dealt with many dealerships and have a good relationship with many dealers and salesman.  With approved credit, we can handle auto loans from $2,000-20,000.  All of our loan values are figured using the NADA book.  Depending on the credit and the vehicle, we usually look for a down payment around 10-20% of the vehicles purchase price.  

We vow to work with you as much as possible to get you in a vehicle.  We look at every deal individually and try to match up the person, vehicle, and the deal.  Find your vehicle at a dealership then have them send us over your information and we will get to work on it immediately for a quick response.  We report to Equifax to help build your credit!

Title Loans 

At Bay Shore Finance, we can loan money on your paid off vehicle.  Let us try to loan you money on a regular note loan instead of paying high interest at a Title Pawn.  We loosely base our approval for Title Loans on credit, we look more at your stability and equity in the vehicle.  Like with our Auto Loans, we report your loan to Equifax to help build your credit!

Title Pawn Rescue Loan

Stuck in one of those high interest, hard to get out of Title Pawns?  Come see us and let us try to get you out.  We will try to put you on a regular note loan so you can actually pay off that Title Pawn.  As with all our loans, let us help build your credit by reporting to the credit bureau. 


Don't want to pay $300 a month on a $2000 Title Pawn and still owe $2000 after 15 months?  Call us to see how we might be able to help you pay around $200 a month and be paid off in 15 months!  251-445-1539



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